Increase credit bureau-free loan

You want to increase this credit bureau-free loan?

You want to increase this <a href=credit bureau-free loan?” width=”655″ height=”500″ />

With a negative credit rating, it is almost impossible to get a loan in Germany. Many affected people have already had positive experiences with foreign loans. These are guaranteed credit bureaufrei and are gladly given to the citizens living in Germany. But what if you want to increase this credit bureau-free loan? Is this possible without problems?

How to raise a credit bureau-free loan?

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Anyone who does not get credit in Germany due to their bad credit rating has more success abroad. The Soulcredit Bank in Liechtenstein awards debt-free loans. However, there is a limit in the loan amount. As a rule, the borrower receives an amount of 3,500 euros. With a net income of 1,600 euros and 5,000 euros can be applied for.

Who wants to increase the credit bureaufreien credit, usually has no problems with it. However, this requires a punctual payment of installments. It is also important that a large part of the loan amount has already been paid. The top-up works easily under these conditions. A new credit bureau-free loan will be added. With the sum of the old credit will be replaced free of charge. The difference is for the borrower.

Who gets the credit from abroad?

Who gets the credit from abroad?

Not everyone can apply for this loan. Unemployed, self-employed and students are not accepted as borrowers. In addition, the employees have been working for at least one year in the company and that the employment relationship must not be limited.

People with temporary contracts therefore have bad cards to get such a loan. There is a reason for that, because the bank does not want the credit bureau, but it still wants to see the loan secured. With a steady income and a secure job, the loan is well secured. In an emergency, the bank submits the declaration of assignment to the employer and thus receives the attachable part of the income.

There may be reasons for wanting to increase a credit bureau-free loan. But it makes more sense to finally get rid of the debt burden. A loan from abroad can also be used for rescheduling. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind that even after paying the bills, the negative entries in the credit bureau despite completion notice for another three years to see. Only then is it possible to borrow money from a German bank. This should actually be the first goal in order to actively participate in the financial life in Germany again.